Web analytics and data analysis tools that B2B companies need to succeed

Okay you’ve set up your business, have the MVP ready and are soon going live or you have a new feature coming up in your website. It’s time for the moment of truth –  Launching the product !!  How are customers, prospects and site visitors perceiving your website and product? What features do they love? what challenge are they facing? What brought them to your site etc.

I wish things were simple and I could say Google Analytics alone shall suffice. Truth is it doesn’t. In a competitive technology driven world we have competitors diving into the ocean of data and the skilled ones surfacing with the shiniest pearls with the help of the most trusted (and long lasting) Oxygen cylinder.

The right web analytics tool stack is your oxygen cylinder my friend !!

As a SaaS founder and a fanatic believer in data and its power, I was keen on getting my web analytics and data analysis tools stack right. I explored and tinkered with various data analysis tools for months, read a lot and spoke to dozens of tech founders. I had made this shortlist of tools after weeks of research which I wanted to explore on in detail before finalising what analytics tools I’d use for Alore CRM.  ( Trust me you don’t wanna see the full list ? )

I’ve added 2-3 names to this list of course even after finalising the tools because based on conversations with other tech founders, I knew they have added features or gotten better over the months.

Some tools we shortlisted for Alore CRM while we were nearing the MVP stage in 2017

I hope this list provides value and insight to those of us who are looking for the perfect solution to gather most useful insights and importantly it helps you save time, money and resources, all three that a startup founder has less of.

I’ve added their current pricing details to give an indicative guesstimate to what it may cost to use the tool.  When you’re bootstrapped the price matters as well and I understand that.

Customer Support:


Intercom is a modern customer messaging and support solution popularly used in sales and marketing. It helps capture, track, filter and convert leads while simultaneously providing customer support and engagement.

Pricing: The plan available for inbox is $53 a month.


Drift is a leading sales and marketing solution which allows its users which are generally businesses to perform better customer support and reach out campaigns with the help of Chatbots, email marketing, Account based marketing etc.  It has advanced analytics as well.

Pricing: They have a free trial, a startup plan for $50/month and a pro plan for $500 /month


Re:amaze provides a customer support omnichannel solution which helps businesses build personal relationships with companies. Re:amaze pulls all the data from multiple channels into one inbox.

Most of these solutions in our experience and collective knowledge and understanding aren’t wholesome solutions where one tool shall suffice for a business need.

Pricing: Plans begin $20/month onward

Some other tools in this category which we had in our initial shortlist were Zendesk, Kayako, Zoho support and Freshdesk.

Heat Maps and website visitors tracking:


Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how visitors are using your site again.

Pricing: Free to $499/month depending on the number of visitors/month

Crazy Egg:

CrazyEgg helps you visualise via heat maps on what and how site visitors are engaging with your site. It also provides geographic data and referring sites etc to give you clarity on how the visitor found you primarily and engaged with.

Pricing: Plans range between $29 – $179


It is a mobile and web -analytics software tool that auto tracks the entire customer journey and captures touchpoints. It helps capture data and organize it for easy analysis. It provides custom solutions for e-commerce, Financial services and SaaS

Pricing: Free trial to Premium Plan available


It understands the user behaviour and provide the right features fast and drive the outcomes of business. It answers all your questions like user engagement, how users navigate your website or refining your product development strategy with the help of real time data.

Pricing: It has a Free solution to begin with and gradually progresses to Growth and entreprise solution pricing.


It analyses, optimises and tracks engagement through every touch point in the customer experience. It captures and helps visualise each and every interaction of recognised and anonymous website and mobile app users.

Pricing:  Plans start from Free and depend upon the no of visitors/month.


It is a simple and robust solution to monitor, analyse and react to blog or website traffic in real time.

Pricing:  If you less than 300 visitors/day , $19.99  for up to 100,000 visitors/day and so on


Segment helps collect data from mobile, apps, web and cloud and integrate it into a marketing and analytics stack eg it will send data into Mixpanel or Looker etc.

Pricing: The plan is available for team is $120per month base.


Albacross is a lead capturing and generation software and helps increase advertising efficiency. It helps in identifying anonymous traffic and helps provides solutions for lead gen and account based marketing as a result.

Pricing: its pricing model is that the Lead gen capture is free, but marketing to them costs $500/month

 Data Analytics:


This is an excellent solution to help understand the mobile and web site interactions with its intuitive and easy to understand UI. It provides features like documentation, data security, site performance, action plan, data driven research and resource library.

Pricing:  They have a free version for enthusiasts and start with a $29/month package for startups


provides good traffic analysis of user interaction with the website. It allows users to understand platform behaviour as in which features is drawing in most customers, so you can focus promoting t more or less with data driven analytics guiding decision making.

Pricing: It starts with free to $999 for startups and also has an enterprise version available.


Looker is a software which helps connect the dots by pulling in data from various sources by creating a data workflow and channelizing it into reports and visual summaries.

Pricing: Available on request at the website


Databox collects all your data into one place for easily checking performance and uncover insights. It will track everything from one place and from any device.

Pricing: The plan is available for plus $99.


It is a leading analytics software that helps see and understands data. It connects with any database to drag, drop, create the visualisations and share it with a click. It provides solutions for Industries, Departments and Technology.

Pricing:  It provides options to fit people and organization with different data needs starting at $12.


Talend is a software integration vendor which provides big data, cloud storage, data integration, data management, master data management, data quality, data preparation and enterprise application integration software and services

Pricing: Request quote on website


It measures the entire funnel at each stage and helps align marketing and sales with intelligent recommendations and measuring impact of marketing on pipeline and revenue etc.

Pricing: Request quote on website


Chartmogul helps you understand the customers and grow your business using related data. It uses Subscription analysis and Revenue recognition.

Pricing: Plans start from free to $125 per paying 1000 customers/month and then enterprise solutions


Klipfolio offers an online dashboard platform for building real-time business dashboards. It also provides solutions for Sales, Marketing, Executive, SaaS and Analytics summary reports and  dashboards.

Pricing: Plans range between $29 and $199.

I’d like to conclude by saying that today you cant think of succeeding without data and analysing that data to understand the signals from the noise. You will need to primarily assess your business needs, what you seek out of your tools and thereafter choose a combination e.g. Inspectlet or Crazy Egg for heat maps and site visit videos, Intercom , Drift or Re:amaze for customer support desk and then something like Databox to analyse user trends in real time.

Here’s a quick visual summary for those of you who are looking to check between tools and understand what you may need.

List of tools shortlisted and evaluated to form the analytics stack for Alore in 2017

If you feel I’ve missed out a great tool here, then just drop in a comment or an email to vikas@plash.in and I’ll ensure I add this for the benefit of our fellow enthusiasts.


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