Double your business with a thorough Twitter marketing strategy

It’s sort of true right ? and the potential it holds is enormous.

  • Twitter has 330 Million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as of Q4 2017.
  • 85% of twitter users feel a lot more connected to a business after following them on Twitter.
  • 67% of twitter users are more likely to buy from brands that they follow. (Source- Convert with Content)
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I’m hoping you’re convinced that having a Twitter marketing strategy is important for the success / amplification of your overall marketing strategy. For ease of following this, I’m going to write this article in two parts. Basic Twitter marketing -which every marketer must do and Twitter hacks -which you can implement as you get better about how to use twitter for business.

Twitter is the ultimate portal to all your call-to-action online accounts and you’d want to make it as welcoming as possible. Let’s see what the power of hashtags can do for your business.

Basic Twitter marketing:

These are some essentials of your initial Twitter strategy:

1. Set your account right:

This is the most basic as it can get but always have your bio on Twitter clear and crisp which leads people to your company page or tells them exactly what you’d like them to know. E.g. Our official account has our bio leading inquisitive minds to reach our landing page.

Another great practice under this category is to have a pinned tweet which you’d like passerby’s to know about or attribute you with. Anything from company vision to thought leadership articles, interviews etc.

2. Interact with influencers:

Twitter is a great place to find like-minded people and network with influencers. With one click on a hashtag, you’ve got your targets sorted. (Re)tweet to the folks that are huge in your field. The idea is to be in touch with anyone influential- bloggers, entrepreneurs etc. You really do not want to come across as promotional though. Stay connected (You can add them to your private list) and allow for opportunities to collaborate. You and Elon Musk may not be connected on Facebook or LinkedIn, but Twitter is a place where you could elicit a direct response from him.

3. Build a following:

In most cases when you follow someone they follow you back. I’m not generalizing it but that’s how many people operate their accounts to build a large network. Initially when you don’t have many followers, this strategy may help get you the first few hundred followers until one of your tweets really takes off and gets you some Twitter love in terms f likes and followers.

Viewing and responding to tweets need not be chaos that most people make it out to be. A list should do the trick. Add clients, potential clients, influential people, colleagues etc. into separate lists and interact with them.

4. Tweet every day. Every. Single. Day.

This is a prerequisite to twitter marketing- an active profile. You may not be able to put out original content daily, but ensure you tweet out relevant content. Whether they click on the links you post or not, your brand is surely on their mind.

5. Engage with your prospects and clients:

Social media allows for a more instantaneous form of customer feedback. You could really use this to your advantage. Replying to customer tweets is showing them that you care, no matter how informal the platform. Eg. If you have a florist business. Simply type in ‘gift birthday’ and the location and you might get tweets on people who have tweeted out asking for gift ideas. You can simply comment saying you’d love to help them make their loved one’s day.  It’s about getting personal on such a public medium.

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6. Succinct is the new smart

How do you make the best use of 280 characters? On twitter marketers are forced to cut away the fluff and share the essence which  people love.  Simply address how your client would benefit from the product. Being empathetic is the new marketing strategy! Focus on what your customer needs than the specifications of what you are able to provide.

7. All things visual

A 10 seconds long well-made video is your marketing mantra. This is supposed to be the sweet spot of all video marketing campaigns, the ones that generate the largest number of clicks and views. Caption these well- short & snappy. Google uses this to optimize search, so fill them in with keywords.

8. The power of hashtags

Follow up on the hashtags used by the people you follow. Catch up on trending hashtags and make it relevant to a company post. You could even run catchy hashtags for your own social media campaigns. If your hashtag has more than 2 words, it’s a good idea to put the first letters in caps. Eg ProductivityRevolution (The P and R are in caps)

9.  Twitter analytics

Analytics is indispensable. Twitter marketing is quite experimental. With all the engagement stats on your fingertips, you can rework your tweets accordingly.

10. Get better share velocity:

Get your colleagues, family, friends etc.  to like, retweet and comment on your tweets to get the amplification of reach and increase the velocity of engagement.

11. Promoted Tweets:

Okay this isn’t a must, but this is something that is easily doable to experiment with if you have some cash to spare. It seems to be working well for Twitter too since they recently posted their first profit ever since their IPO in 2013.

Hacking Twitter:

Some pro-level work to bolster your Twitter marketing strategy:

1. Find new leads:

This is a major one. Reverse the process and follow certain hashtags around your business regularly. Find who is saying what about this need or industry. Target them slowly and nurture a relationship with them over weeks/months.

If you’re a location specific business, Twitter offers you the option to sort people located in or around locations. You can thereafter use promotions or campaigns targeting such leads.

2. Integrated campaigns:

Good marketers do-not operate Twitter campaigns in silos. Make twitter campaigns a part of a bigger campaign. Send cross posts to email newsletter followers etc. Twitter provides a relatively cost-effective means to planning campaigns and having contests too have a piece of mind-share.

3. Localised engagement

Twitter allows you to see what’s trending in a region. For e.g. sitting in a café in Bhutan I can see what’s trending in Detroit and what topics (Read Hashtags) people are engaging with. I can thereafter tweet to the Detroit Tweeple (Twitter People) and organize a campaign for free pizzas at Joe’s pizzeria in Detroit in a matter of hours. Easy-peasy.

4. Twitter chats:

This is a smart way to build a community around your brand by engaging with your followers and clients on a specific topic and inviting them for a discussion/feedback session at a particular time while using a particular hashtag. This also establishes your presence as a thought leader and doer. It also helps you identify influencers and increase brand engagement. Keep in mind  The 6 key elements of every Twitter chat

5. Twitter Toolkit for your company:

(To be clear this is just an indicative list and we aren’t affiliated with any of them)

  • Use the various Plugins like Click To Tweet and make it easier for users to share your company’s content via direct tweets of the quotes.
  • Create unique Twitter headers using tools like DesignWizard,  Canva, com, Snappa’s header tool
  • Use automated Twitter growth tools like Audiense, TweetPup , Hypergrowth which allow you to automate the process of increasing the number of followers when the tool automatically likes, follows and thereafter unfollows Twitter users.
  • Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer which help in social media scheduling come in super duper useful when it comes to scheduling Tweets and saving time. You can ideally schedule the entire week or month’s tweets in a day and thereafter just nurture personal connect with leads.
  • Use tools like Hashtagify to find hashtags that are trending in your region/


Hope these tips come in helpful. Wrapping up with some best practices for Twitter marketers.

Best practices:

  1. Always have a visual in your tweet. It gets noticed 3X-4X more.
  2. As a best practice try to limit the number of hashtags to 5-7 to avoid making tweet look cluttered.
  3. Focus on building your own Twitter community on an industry niche you cater to or are passionate about. Let your vibe attract your tribe!
  4. When your Twitter numbers and engagement begins to stagnate, use various Twitter tools to avoid stagnation.
  5. Ask Questions in tweets to initiate a conversation and therefore engagement
  6. 40% of your tweets must be aimed at nurturing relationship- Replies to people, retweets, likes etc.
  7. Always have your Twitter handle as part of your branding program e.g. in your email signature, visiting card etc.

This article is 2nd in a series of social media tools hacked for businesses. You can also read the previous one on LinkedIn for marketing

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