Top sales trends you must know about !

With the change in customer buying behaviour, sales is rapidly undergoing transformation to meet the demands of more informed and digital savvy customers.

The modern times have seen the convergence of varied streams like marketing and sales coupled with data that is available from modern technology. This has given birth to new ideas like “Social selling” or “smarketing”.

Salespeople no longer hold the power or have an upper hand over the customer. In fact, on the contrary, it’s the prospect who holds the reins. It is no longer just about selling but about helping the customer to make decisions.

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Sharing a list of Top sales trends that will shape the future of sales.

1. Automation

Automation would be the keyword for growth and undeniably the top sales trend.The whole idea behind automation would be to analyse and take data backed pre-determined sequences over and over again.This will involve quite an element of Artificial intelligence and machine learning which will help to predict the future behaviour.

2. Video

If video is the year to catalyze marketing, its also going to do so for Sales. Smarter videos from the sales teams, video prospecting etc will be the thing !!

Tools like Draftsend which help provide a voice over to presentations will help create interactive presentations which will up the game of prospecting.

3. Personalised messaging

While emails are still relevant, its always a challenge to not sink in the inbox. A lot of action is beginning to happen over Whatsapp and Facebook messenger groups. Yes !!

It will be imperative for sales teams to step into these closed groups and engage with the members to form bonds and prospect better.

4. Account Based selling

This is the evolution of sales. There shall be a high level of focus on identifying channels and sectors and then drilling down to the influencers. Once this is done, the influencers would be tracked and mapped to personas. Finally you target them with highly relevant content.

5. Podcasts

Yes this is un-convetional and generally attributed to marketers but sales will have to look at this. Sales teams shall have to get into interactive mode and come up with some content targeted at their leads and prospects.

6. Focus on Micromarkets

The one size fits all planning wont work anymore. Ever.

Sales teams need to now drill down to basics and geographically tailor their content based on language, behaviour, demographic etc to tailor their reach-outs.

7. Sales outsourcing

Yes, you read that right !!

Companies across the globe have silently started outsourcing their sales proves from prospecting to warming leads to third party agencies who hand you warm leads on a platter. These agencies are harnessing Big data to create a data led plan. The costs involved are higher no doubt but it makes up for the loss of star hustlers in your own firm.

8. Smarketing !!

This sounds funny but there’s a hidden truth to it. As much as we’d like to think that marketing and sales are in tandem with each other, there’s always this ever so slight friction which emerges in the middle of the funnel. Its when the marketers handover the Marketing Qualified Leads to sales and sales teams decide on what qualifies as Sales Qualified Leads. Marketers and Sales teams need to increase their understanding of each others expectations soonest they can and form a formidable partnership. It starts with using a common terminology.

If you have inputs to add to these top sales trends that we forsee, we would be happy to add them here and help our fellow sales professionals grow.

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