Top 8 Marketing Gurus and Bloggers every marketer should know

Check out this no-fluff list of marketing gurus and bloggers who we found to be super useful and learnt many -many -many new tricks from over the years!

1. Neil Patel

He just has to be the first name we share in a list of marketing gurus though he is a demi-god of the digital marketing space. Neil’s content is a constant-learning treat for marketers globally.

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2. Seth Godin

He is a marketing guru with amazing insights and an endless array of tips and tricks to better your game as a marketer. He is also the ex VP-Marketing of Yahoo (he left Yahoo in 2000) and has authored more than 18 bestselling books on marketing to his credit.


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3. Guy Kawasaki

A regular guy who started as a jeweller and climbed up to become the world’s most sought-after marketing gurus. He has a treasure of knowledge to share on ATL and BTL marketing.


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4. Brian Clark

Maverick blogger. That’s what he is. Brian is famous as the guy who writes content that sells itself. Hard to believe? Go ahead and have a look at the engaging way he goes about his content. Cherry on the cake is that he teaches people how to go about their content strategy.


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5. Pat Flynn

Pat is an avid podcaster and blogger who discusses monetizing your ideas and how to go about it.


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6. Marcus Sheridan

 A top-notch marketer with an established track record, Marcus talks about content strategies in a whole new way. His focus on building content that answers customer questions has been proven to be highly successful.


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7. John Chow

John is a marketing guru who teaches you more on how to make money online. (He has also authored a bestselling book on this)


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8. Daniel Scocco

His blog teaches you how to blog successfully. So, it has to be something you check once in a fortnight.

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One Extra !

9. Content Marketing Institute:

Okay so this is a not a blogger but a community of bloggers, but it has great content to share with marketers especially digital marketers. There are plenty of contributors to this learning institution which has a massive database of content of interest and value in the global marketing community.

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Do let me know if you have more noteworthy marketing gurus to add to this list.

I’d be happy to add them to the list. Feel free to write to me at or read more such interesting content on our blog Alore.

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