Top 3 email marketing metrics you need to track like crazy

But what if you fail to get invited into their car or worse they ask you to “get out” – Ouch , That would be bad right ?

Okay my analogy might be a bit harsh but my point is you need to be making a great impression all the time and to do that you need to figure out soon(est) what works for you and is valued by your target audience.

Today, most marketers are campaign oriented but this needs to change. Marketers need to be data and metrics oriented. I’m sharing the top three email marketing metrics businesses and especially marketers need to track religiously like one breathes air everyday !

Open Rate: Are you getting invited into their car ?

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This is the most important of email marketing metrics and probably is the cornerstone of your email marketing campaign. It tells you straight away how well a first impression you’ve made. This translates directly to how awesome the subject line you drafted is and how relevant it is to the target audience.

Its a measure of how well you’ve built the relationship or are expected to. If your target audience is deleting the emails upon receipt then you need to rethink your game ASAP.

Click Through Rate: Are they hearing you ?

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Click through rates tell you how well your message was received, did it make sense to the person you sent the email to, did not load well on the device it was opened on etc.

If your CTR is low then you really need to work hard on your email copy.Period.

Get help if you have to but get this done.

Unsubscribers: Are you being thrown out ?

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Not many talk about this being important and I fail to understand why. A high rate of “unsubscription” is a bad sign if your sign up rates don’t keep pace.

This means that the content and emails you’re sending are totally junk in the eyes of the target audience and you really need to examine where you might be going haywire.

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of  your email marketing and aren’t using any tool yet or unhappy with the current one, here’s a list of 18 Email Marketing Automation Tools  that will help you make the best decision of your work life this year !!

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