Sales funnel

How marketers and businesses can hack the nonlinear sales funnel

What marketers and businesses can do when the traditional linear sales funnel does not yield expected results
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2 frameworks for startups to help you triple your sales

Cold calling is not just something your prospects hate but rather what most sales managers hate too ! Sharing two sales frameworks that could ease sales managers out of their misery of having to call through a phone list every day !!
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Sales reports every sales manager should track like their life depended on it

Jamie is the sales manager and heads a team of six at Primafantastic Inc.. Jamie needs to constantly keep track of a million things, meet his targets and monitor the movement of sales in a fast-paced environment. How can Jamie track if his team is hustling right ?
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What is the right way to create sales funnels?

By  •  Sales Growth
A sales funnel is the path that potential customers are guided along in the process of getting them to purchase your product. It’s called a funnel because of the many customers who approach you, only a few will actually go through until the very end till your billing section.  In every stage, a chunk of customers is lost, and the graph resembles the shape of a funnel. A business without a sales funnel is one without any direction.
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