The Best Podcasts founders are listening to in 2018

Looking for motivation and guidance from the wizards and geniuses of the game ?
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What non-tech founders need to know about tech stack for startups

"This isn't possible in SQL or Python", "We don't have this functionality in Java" " The server is too weak to take the load " . Have you ever struggled under the weight of such excuses from your developers when they know you're not into coding ? I have, at one point.
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Conversations with Alore: Establishing a new order of accessing law and justice – is a Singapore based legal-technology platform which aims to bring quick and easy access to legal services by connecting clients with the right lawyers. With over 1500 lawyers in the network, is rapidly growing in popularity by providing easy access to consultations, contracts, etc.
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Conversations with Alore: Reintroducing doctor house-calls in Norway – Hjemmelegene

Hjemmelegene is a technology-driven medical services platform in Norway connecting registered doctors with patients requesting a house call. Doctors determine their availability and the areas they wish to cover. When a patient wants a house call, he or she can check which doctors are available in their area and at what times. For a fixed price, Hjemmelegene provides patients with access to good doctors in the comfort of their home.
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