5 tips on effectively engaging with sales leads and prospects

To meaningfully engage a lead/ prospect/ customer, offering them relevant, good and interesting content in your communication is of paramount importance.

Here are some quick tips to maximise your outreach and engaging with sales leads – cold leads, hot leads, prospects or even existing customers.

1. Email relevant and engaging content

Engaging content will increase the stickiness of the user to your website which will eventually lead him through the sales funnel. For e.g. you sending and email on marketing tools will really not be of any value to a finance guy. Segment your email lists well.  Really well.

Relevant content is key, Photo Credit: Slideshare

Also ensure that you personalise the emails you send so that your prospects will feel that they are replying to a person and not an automated email system. Use a tool if you have to do it a lot but do it.

2. Tap the potential of social media

In this busy world, people answering their phone and patiently talking to a sales personnel has become a rarity. Hence calling your leads will not change sales stats. Emails have also taken a back seat in this case, as your promotional message might just get lost in the pile of other promotions and social media updates. This might be no surprise to us as who has time to read an inbox of 1286+ promotional messages (that pile up on a daily basis) from various subscriptions.

Social media notifications are checked by the current trend of users from time to time and hence apps and push notifications are here to stay and convert.

Harness the power of social media, Photo Credit: SFU

Stats say that “Reps who use social selling are 50 percent more likely to meet or exceed their sales quota” (insidesales).

3. Humor works. Most Times.

Gentle humor resonates with most people. Send slightly humorous emails, campaigns or memes that are relevant to your brand or product to those leads that have turned cold to remind them of your brand.

My ex-boss once received an email from a guy who asked him if he was in jail since he hadn’t replied to any of the earlier emails. He was subtle about it but that was the humour and the boss showed that email around office and everyone remembered that guy there on. And yes, that guy got a reply from my boss even if it was to say a no.

I’ve received a funny one as well from an insurance guy on WhatsApp!


What is very important is that you ensure you have the kind of brand image that can carry that off. e.g. if you’re a pet store, you can send cat memes to delight your prospects but if you’re a consulting firm, a cat meme wouldn’t be such a great idea.

4. Schedule your emails for weekend

There may be occasions where your potential customers are busy and hence they didn’t look at your emails. Try sending those emails on a weekend and check the engagement. It isn’t necessary for you to draft an email on a weekend; you can always draft it up on a weekday and schedule it to the weekend with tools like Sidekick or Streak.

5. Personalize your outreach

Though it is humanly impossible to send personalized emails to every single prospect, making your emails appear personalized is possible.

Send personalized messages depending on customer behaviour and do content recommendation based on their interests, their social media interests. Since you have the contact information and interaction history of your customers, it will be easy for you to understand their interests leading to more personalized outreach.

email Automation helps reach thousands of prospects instantly in a personalised manner

Gather more in-depth information of your prospects in the beginning itself as a smart salesperson knows that the response rate of his clients increases with increased personalization.

You can also use CRM tools like Alore CRM , Salesforce, Insightly and Zoho CRM to make your sales outreach faster by categorising customers according to their interests and pay attention to potential customers.

This way you can bring back your lost leads, capture new leads and send them all into the prospect pipeline.

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