11 SaaS sales blogs and bloggers you must follow !!

SaaS salespeople will need to be smarter than ever. They will need to have a lazer like focus on smart selling and social selling. Sell without being salesy.

But how do we have our sales teams know the latest buzz. Simple- They read !!

Knowledge comes only two ways – Talking to people smarter than you or reading books and blogs from people smarter than you. If Aaron Ross or Jeff Bezos is not your best friend yet, I suggest we go with the latter option.

Sharing a list of 11 SaaS sales blogs which are totally awesome, insightful and importantly – easy to follow and implement !

1.Predictable Revenue

So I am a huge fan of Aaron Ross and his cold calling 2.0 framework. It was reading a blog by him that I got curious and motivated to make this list of SaaS sales blogs so he just had to be number one on this list. He catalysed sales at Salesforce through this method and now regularly writes blogs on sales and sales management.

Aaaron Ross, Founder Predictable Revenue

2. Chaotic Flow

This is an excellent blog for sales managers who are grappling with how to quantify their individual and team performance. Joel York talks about in great detail the need and process of data driven sales. Must must read.


3. For entrepreneurs

This is a gold mine of insights and information from serial entrepreneur David Skok. He talks about various topics on his analytical and comprehensive blogs on sales and marketing to entrepreneurship.

David Skok

4. Sales Hacker 

The sales hacker conference is popular event amongst global sales people. Their blog provides great insights and comprehensive articles on various facets of sales process , funnel conversions etc.


5. Close.io blog

The Close.io blog has a number of informative blogs on sales and selling in SaaS startups. Co-founder Steli Efti who is a self described Hustler talks in detail and regularly on sales and prospecting.


6. Alore.io Blog

Well we don’t want to sound self obsessed but as a SaaS company writing regular sales blogs, this had to make the list. The Alore Blog talks about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity and startup issues like prospecting, processes and hiring.

Alore CRM

7. Tomasz Tunguz’s Blog

Tomasz Tunguz is the genius who gave us the book — Winning with data ! He is a partner at Red Point Ventures and regularly blogs about making data led business decisions, SaaS startups and describes himself as a statistics nut. His is one of the SaaS sales blogs you cannot afford to miss !

Tomasz Tunguz, Image Credit – LinkedIn

8. Ken Krogue’s blog

Ken Co-founded InsideSales and is a regular blogger — he writes on Forbes and his personal blog. He has dollops of interesting insights on best practices for inside sales and selling remotely because after all a sales person cannot be in twenty places selling to forty.

Ken Krogue, Image Credit – Vidyard

9. Saastr

Founded by Jason Lemkin, this is an online community which started out as a blog. He talks about real world and easy to implement advice on how sales teams in small businesses globally should go about business, management, hiring , lead nurturing etc.


10. Price Intelligently 

This is a great insightful blog on helping business and sales teams understand various facets of pricing your products.


11. The CloserIQ blog

Closer IQ is a sales recruitment platform that we’ve recently discovered and just had to add them for their quality of blogs around sales. The blog is great for recruiters who manage the sales function recruitments and also for salespeople and SDRs across the globe to understand the latest on the world of sales and SaaS selling.

The Closer IQ homepage

Do let us know what are the SaaS sales blogs you follow and have found valuable. Would love to update this list and help fellow SaaS sales people !!

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