Top SaaS networking events to attend in 2018

That’s just how business works globally and in SaaS as well !!

If you’re a SaaS person I’m pretty sure you’re already part of interesting online communities like Aaron Krall’s SaaS Growth Hacks, Sampath’s SaaS mantra or our very own Sales Hacks- IdeasThatScale !!

Also, there’s an shift in converting friendships and acquaintances from the digital realms to real !! which is just super thrilling !!

SaaS Mantra members randomly catching up in Bangalore – Image credit – Adithya Shreshti , Founder Knowmad Life

From casual drinks at co-working spaces in Bangalore to Hypergrowth in Boston, there’s action at all levels. and rightly so – In 2018 SaaS is estimated to become a $288 billion industry. (Gartner)

However, with a thousand networking event options to choose from, its important we choose well. I discussed about “How to choose the right networking events and extract quality leads from them” in another blog that you can read if it interests you.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of 12 upcoming events that you must know of and try to attend at least one in 2018


Dates : 7-9th May 2018


Technology Services World or TSW event is truly dedicated to the customer journey. There is a special emphasis on operations of sales and services and also pre-sales activities associated with sales of services. The event is tailor-made for service leaders, Customer service team members and also for professionals involved in product marketing and support services.

2. SaaSTr Europa

Dates: 15th June 2018 @ Paris



The famous SaaStr conference is making its overseas debut with its first European event–SaaStr Europa Paris!

The conference is slated to be a one day event comprising of full day sessions, sponsors, networking, some amazing food and evening activities. If you’re in Europe or around , try to make it to this one. Considering the value and effort SaaStr puts into the US event , its sure going to be a good one.


Dates:9th-11th July 2018 @ SeattleMozcon-2018

MozCon will be a three-day conference consisting of tactical sessions on SEO, growth marketing, mobile analytics, CRO analytics and much more. You will get a chance to connect with industry leaders and also a chance to speak with the distinguished speakers and Moz staff. There would be a lot of actionable content which will help your business to reach the next level. If you are lucky, you might also get a friendly hug from the Moz Robot-Roger.


Dates: 27th-29th August, 2018


The Unbounce “Call To Action” covers every facet of digital marketing starting from pay-per-click, conversion rate optimisation, landing page design and many more. It will help you learn the new techniques for reaching out to customers. You will get to learn perfect actionable insights which will help you position the communication around your SaaS product in the most effective and unique way to the customers.


Dates: 26th -30th August, 2018 @ Las Vegas


VM world will conduct its 15th conference this year. They were the market leaders in cloud infrastructure, the conference boasts of the largest cloud computing collaboration.

 6. Traction Conference

Dates: August- 8th & 9th, 2018 @ Vancouver


The Traction conference brings in founders and leaders from the fastest growing tech companies under one roof to share their journey so far. It gives you the right kind of actionable insights to scale up your business. The theme for the year 2018 is SCALING UP. Business leaders and eminent speakers would will share their challenges and learning of scaling their business to $10M/$50M/$100M through acquisition and IPO. The tickets for the conference is priced at $449CAD +taxes and fees

7. Inbound 

Dates: 4th-7th September 2018 @ Boston


HubSpot’s annual conference –Inbound is one of the largest inbound marketing conferences that has biggest names and the brightest minds from different industries to share their insights. Whether you are entering a new market or searching for new product ideas..there’s something for everyone. You get to interact with a broad spectrum of sales and marketing professionals. For your daily dose of inspiration, the conference also has politicians, actors, and CEO as speakers who share their journey. Still not convinced ? The year 2017 saw some over 21,000 attendees.


Dates: 4th September 2018 @ Biston and 24th Septemeber 2018 @ San Francisco


HYPERGROWTH is a platform which brings together eminent entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been successful in building brands and has achieved unprecedented growth in their chosen industry. Led by the amazing David Cancel and his team, at Hypergrowth Drift will ensure you will learn and connect with an amazing group of people who will help you to unlock and unleash your true potential. The mentors at Hypergrowth are executives, investors, brand builders, movement makers and more. They are someone who has a proven track record of having extensive education and also effective implementation of their strategies. To name a few- Heidi Bullock- CMO, Engagio, Amy Chang- CEO Accompany, Patrick Campbell-CEO Price Intelligently and many more.

9. Dreamforce

Dates: 25th-28th September @ San Francisco


Dreamforce is Salesforces’s annual mega event to connect with partners, customers, employees. Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce himself gives the keynote speech. Dreamforce is perhaps the pioneering event for SaaS networking events across the globe. You have t attend one in your life to see it and believe the larger than life 3-4 days show Salesforce puts up !! and of course there’s tremendous opportunity to network too!

10. SaaStock

Dates: 15th-17th October, 2018 @ Dublin

Image credit – SaaStock-2018

SaaStock is a conference where you would get listen to stories from experts who have had an amazing journey from startup to building established brands. You get to hear the founder stories and learn from them. Its a great conference for the SaaS community where you get to share your ideas, experiences also find new opportunities for your business.Its a conference, where trailblazers from all over the world come to support and learn from each other.

11. Business of Software

Dates: 1st to 3rd October,2018 at Boston and 21st and 22nd May,2018 @London


This Business of Software event attracts software founders to help them learn to turn it into a profitable venture. Every session is curated for content and delivery and filled with ideas to help you build better software or to improve your existing business. This year there will be a special emphasis on product, culture, innovation, marketing, strategy, and sales drive for profitable and sustainable growth. Some of the eminent speakers are Wade Foster-Zapier, Tom Adeyoola-Metal, Alison Coward –Bracket etc.

12. SaaS Monster

Dates: 5th-8th November 2018 @ Lisbon


SaaS Monster is the world’s leading SaaS conference where more than 5,000 CIO and CTOS, buyers and sellers, investors, experts, start-ups and as well as established companies like Amazon come together under one roof. It has the best content for disruptive technology, cloud computing, big data, security, enterprise technology and many more. You will get to hear and meet the stalwarts from all over the world.

It is expected to have more than 1200 speakers this year and claims to be the largest tech conference. A perfect place to make the right connection.

13. The Growth Marketing Conference

Dates:  11th-12th December 2018 @ Fairmount Hotel, SanFrancisco, CA


The growth marketing conference features eminent speakers are from Google, Microsoft, DropBox, IBM, Reddit, LinkedIn who would share real-world strategies and tactics to supercharge your business.You also get a chance to network with more than 500 business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, startup founders and also well-connected industry investors. You would also get access to 200+ video tutorials which will help learn everything from user acquisition to retention strategies. Lastly, you and your team also get a chance to get certified in growth marketing.

14. SaaStr

I shouldn’t end a list without mentioning the awesome primary  SaaStr US that’s already gone for 2018  in February. However, keep a look out for the 2019 one at their web-page here.

Promise yourself to try your best to make it to at least one of these mega events if you can.

If you know of any other events I may have missed out on, do write it in the comments below and I’ll add the ones missed.

Signing off with a quote from Dr Ivan Misner that might cement the aim of this article for you :

” Networking is more like farming than hunting, you cultivate relationships”



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