Tools and smart techniques to help businesses prospect like a pro

But what must one do when your sales or marketing team struggles in finding new leads?

This problem especially occurs when you are a startup and either the team is not experienced enough or the processes aren’t clear enough. It is stressful for a business to hunt potential leads and prospects who can turn into paying customers.

But thankfully in today’s digital age, there is plenty of help and I’ll discuss some of the tools and techniques you can use to hunt new leads.

The Tools:

1. Redscrapper lead Extractor

This is a must have B2B software for marketers who are looking for potential targeted leads for their product. This tool lets you find the leads according to targeted keyword and location of the customer. It extract s the name, address, e-mail, website, phone number, etc. of the lead and lets you to  auto save extracted leads on specified interval and export also has  multi-threaded design and proxy support too.


To explore the tool click here

2. LeadGenius

Lead genius is a tool that lets you to build a list of potential leads for your business to target. It also lets you create a sales funnel for your company and enables you to reach a wider variety of prospects. It also gives you the options for audience segmentation and message personalization that helps you to convert your targeted customers.


To explore the tool click here

3. Interact

This is another great sales tool that lets you engage your customers by building interactive elements like quizzes, polls and giveaways which will eventually help you generate lead details through it. It also helps you to get more email address for your prospect list by helping you build engaging content for your audience. This captures your prospects email id with the help of email capture form thereby giving you a list of interested prospects to take action upon.


To explore the tool Click here 


Well we cant miss out our in-house capabilities here can we ?

Alore is a SaaS CRM tool with a built-in e-mail finder, newsletter curator and DRIP email campaign scheduler besides its other exciting features. So basically from within a single tool you can  find a stranger’s validated email  ID, have that added to your database straight away, curate a nice looking newsletter and send it to the new leads with a super easy to schedule DRIP email campaign. Time saved. Money saved.

Alore CRM

To explore the tool Click Here


This tool is a boon for businesses that do not have time to curate the prospect list. does the research for you and gives you a one-time ready-made list of prospects for you to act upon. They efficiently find companies that match your target profiles with respect to region/area.

They offer prospect lists for Freelancers, SEO Companies, Marketing Companies, Web Designers etc.


To explore the tool Click here

6. is a tool that can also be used along with LinkedIn. It is a sales prospecting tool that targets and lists you with new prospects that can turn into potential customers. This easy and powerful tool looks in LinkedIn and helps you create groups of specific prospects and segment them with a tagging feature. It renders derails like email, phone number and website and other contact details that it’s required for your sales team to function.

To explore the tool, click here

7. ListGrabber

ListGrabber is yet another powerful lead generation software that enables you to capture name, email address, office/residence address, phone and fax number, etc. of your prospects or business contacts . It lets you build your own lead list / prospect list from various publicly available sources of free leads on the Internet. You can also import the contact details into your address book or an excel sheet easily with this tool.


To explore the tool Click here

The Techniques:

1. Networking:

Go hunt sites and groups where like minded people of your target consumers congregate. eg for SaaS companies, Facebook and LinkedIn groups ,websites like Product Hunt, Siftery, Appsumo  etc work well. See who is talking about what topic and does their need qualify as something you can solve? Help members as much as you can because a friend today may be a customer tomorrow !! even if not you’re sure to be recommended.

2. Collaborations:

Sometimes, collaborating with a relevant trade-body can be helpful in extracting email lists provided you have a value offering to exchange.

4. Collateral:

If you have a site then host great authentic content on that -book reviews, guidebooks etc which you can allow to be downloaded in exchange of a leads email ID

4. Newsletters

The oldest yet most proven trick in the game.Create a great newsletter which shares industry news, curated articles etc. Quality is key here. If you’re providing some value somehow then this will be lead to more content being shared and therefore new signups and a big fat prospect list. Only glitch here is sometimes you cant control the quality of the leads unless your content is being created to sharply focus on conversion

We hope that these tools and techniques will be of help to you to fill in your leads database with prospects for your business.

If you have any awesome tools you use in a similar category and would like us to add to this list, please feel free to reach out to us at


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