Office yoga exercises that helped me double productivity and minus 13 kilos

In my previous post “How I handled lifestyle challenges during entrepreneurship” I promised to share the yoga techniques that helped me achieve a great productivity reboot after the downward lifestyle spiral my colleagues and I faced in the initial days of the high paced startup life.

Here’s a quick note on some meditation and office yoga techniques that helped us overcome the slowdown and rejuvenate, become productive and best – kilos lighter!

These exercise will definitely get you to become calmer and increase concentration. However, I will be honest and tell you that these alone won’t get the kilos to vanish unless you do a cleanup of your eating habits as well but then I trust you to know that already! (You can’t be doing Pranayam and eating a double cheese thin crust pizza with coke and fried onion rings)

Breathing exercises for office

Intention is your mantra

Before you start work every day, take a few deep breaths while you think of what you need to accomplish. Think of the important things that need to be done today, verbally or in your mind with deep breaths to allow you to have a calming focus for the rest of the day.

Photo Credit: Annie Clapper

Simple Anulom Vilom

This is a simple alternate nostril breathing. Close your left nostril and breathe in with your right, close your right nostril and breathe out through the left and alternate. Breathe from the stomach, softly and deeply.

Anulom Vilom, Photo Credit: myUpchar

Cleanse with Kapalbhati

Inhale deeply. Exhale through short consecutive breaths by pushing your stomach and abdomen in. Keep your hands on your stomach to ease the process. Try to exhale as many short breaths as you can, start with 10.

Photo Credit: Simple Yoga at home

Re-engage with Ujjayi

Inhale deeply. Constrict your throat as you exhale through your nose while you touch your chin to the base of your throat. Feel the air through the roof of your throat.


Office Yoga workouts

Gomukasana for shoulders

bend your left arm over you shoulder towards the center of your back and reach for it with your right arm, and interlock your fingers. Keep your back straight and breath deeply. Alternate with right hand over right shoulder.

Photo Credit – Pinterest

Forward bend for back

While seated, keep your feet flat on the floor. Take your arms behind your back and interlock your fingers. Bend forward, your body parallel to the floor, such that your arms behind your back are perpendicular.

Forward bend exercise, Photo Credit: Pinterest

Desk Chaturanga

This is somewhat like a desk push-up. Keep your arms at shoulder distance apart on the desk while standing. Move your feet back, such that your body is diagonal to the floor. Keep your chest as close to the desk as possible. (If the desk is not that strong or you feel awkward, step into a relatively secluded area and do this against a window sill)

Desk Chaturanga ,Photo Credit FitBody Buzz

Hope these help you as much as  they did us at Alore !!

P.S. — I am an ardent productivity enthusiast and love to work on maximising the possibilities of a day. In fact I’ve just built my 2nd digital business centred on this passion – an AI powered CRM tool called Alore which quadruples productivity of sales teams. If you’d like to explore the tool click here

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