10 things incredibly successful people do every day

Have you ever wondered what do incredibly successful people do every day to achieve their success apart from just talent or knowledge?

The following ten is on top of what we found:

1. Mindful Mornings

Productivity is not just about achieving a pre-written goal. Productivity is a process or a way of life itself. Starting your day right is crucial in inculcating this lifestyle and productivity driven state of mind. Most successful people start their day with a glass of warm water, disconnect from gadgets and meditate, do some form of exercise and plan their day. They  work a bit on replying to urgent emails and prepare the mind for the day ahead. With such a power packed morning, a sense of accomplishment sets in and the energy levels to start the day are on a high.

2. It’s not about being busy

Work smart as you work hard. Spending unreasonable hours on your objective will not necessarily get you close to the goal. Evaluate your path to success on the amount of work you get done, not the amount of time you spend.

3. Keep your goals concrete

In line with the above, keep your goals tangible in the professional space. Focus on only one thing at a time and let the subsidiary things fade into the background. Be clear of what you are working towards and why you are working towards it at every stage. Ensure you keep the goals stepping to the end goal concrete as well.

4. Pick a few good men and delegate

If it isn’t obvious, most successful people have successful friends. Surrounding yourself with a productive atmosphere of friends and colleagues can impact your success. More importantly, pick the best team you possibly can. It may be a small team, but delegate the most important tasks to these people. Big successes rarely come from just one individual’s work.

5. Optimism grounded in reality

Your attitude towards your work and success can evidently influence your path to success. Successful people have a healthy optimism about everything they do. It’s all about giving yourself positive affirmations while you use the failures as a learning process.

6. Being proactive, everyday

Do more than what is expected of you, everyday. At least by a little measure or just by one task. Going the extra mile in little things you do can help you get recognised to move up the ladder. Being proactive also allows your mind to constantly think of what to do next or what to do differently to achieve your goal and thereby increase your opportunities.

7. Celebrate your successes

Going back to realistic optimism, successful people recognise their achievements and celebrate them. If you achieve a goal only to hop onto the next without feeling too great about how far you’ve come, the entire process of setting goals or even success becomes futile. Enjoy what you gain, pause to reward your hard-work, in whichever way you can. It need not be a party or an expensive affair, it could even be a simple self-reflective process or speaking of your successes to your loved ones.

8. Saying no to distractions

Checking emails, replying to messages, surfing social media are tiny miscellaneous activities that add up to huge amount of wasted time at the end of the day. Respond to emails and messages only in scheduled times of the day, not as a means to take a break.

9. Take care of yourself

This might sound quite utopian but, most successful people have time for family, friends and fun while taking care of their physical and mental health. It’s quite like wanting success is really defined by what you think success is. Hear some music/ watch a film/ read a book/ play some golf but do something that de-stresses you. I would even advise you to have your thinking twenty every single day.

10. Let the subconscious talk

Most successful people always go to bed with a question in mind or a problem to solve. Essentially, you allow your subconscious to ruminate over a problem that you state for yourself before going to bed and write possible solutions with a fresh mind the next morning.

When you analyse the lives and understand what incredibly successful people do every day, you will see its more about attitude than aptitude. Its about the attitude to decide a process for themselves and stick to it day after day after day. eg. If you want to wake up at 5 AM, then no sleeping in late and thinking I’ll wake up at 5 AM tomorrow.  Never forget, it all starts with you !

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