2 frameworks for startups to help you triple your sales

Sales framework 1 – Predictable Revenue :

Aaron Ross, ex VP sales of Salesforce devised this ingenious framework to give sales teams  a jump-start into getting their sales numbers right.

Aaron Ross, Image credit – Twitter

According to Aaron, there are 3 key steps to predictable revenue:

1. First – Predictable lead generation. Aaron stresses upon the need of a well targeted and segmented pipeline. You need to identify target audience as per your personas and track the campaign conversions from one step of your sales funnel to the next.

2. Second – Dedicated sales development team. The moment you hire your second person in teh sales team they need to specialise – One does the prospecting the other does the demos and closing.

3. Third – Consistency. Having well documented processes will remove any confusion and ambiguity between the sales team and will help bring standardisation and predictability into the team. No loose cannons.

Aaron Ross gives out this process framework to go about cold calling 2.0. Cold calling without having to call !!! yes you read that right.

1. Define your ideal customer profile.

2. Build a list of prospects as per your target personas.

3. Send emails. Send innocent sounding emails to person ABC in your target company “only” asking for being re-directed to the right person about discussing a proposal. This way you give the person no stress or worry and he directs you to XYZ. Next write an email to the actual prospect XYZ saying you were directed to him/her by ABC. Now you’re no longer a cold e-mailer but a referral

4. Sell the dream. Try to get the prospect XYZ on a Live call and sell the dream by solving their problems with your solutions. Once thats bought in let them be your spokesperson internally. .

5. Pass the baton. Once you’ve turned the prospect into a hot sales qualified lead (SQL) pass the baton to your team for making the final close.

Sales framework 2 –  AAARRR Funnel (Pirate metrics)

Dave McClure, ex-founder of 500 Startups and ex Director of marketing Paypal devised this framework to streamline funnels. This is for all startups and small businesses in need of a repeatable and scalable business process to triple your sales.

Dave McClure, Image credit Tech Republic

As Dave McClure mentioned in one of his presentations (Ignite Seattle) “80% of your time must be on refining your existing feature set and 20% on developing new features. Spend considerable time on A/B testing”

Earlier the AARRR framework, the framework has been recently refined to AAARRR where the new A in the beginning stands for Awareness.

1. Awareness (users hear of you or know you exist)

2. Acquisition (users find you)

3. Activation (users’ first experience with your product)

4. Retention (means and rates of users returned)

5. Referral (users tell the others about you)

6. Revenue (the profit you gain)

For each stage of the funnel, decide what metrics you want to track and track them well. eg. SaaS founders must be tracking a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 metrics around your business. Less or more will just be wasting your time.

This is a snippet of the metrics from Dave’s presentation on slideshare.
AAARRR funnel example, Image credit – Mass Media via Slideshare

We’ve seen value in these frameworks and hope you benefit from these as well !

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