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Eugene Goh & Deepika Singh from Alore spoke to Thorvald Thorsnes, CEO & Co-founder Flexify and Håkon Hortemo, CTO & Co-founder Flexify.

Alore: Can you tell us about Flexify?

Thorvald Thorsnes: Flexify connects pre-qualified independent workers with companies who need something done. Companies can easily post a task they need completed and have a handpicked “flexer” there the very same day. Flexify takes care of the matching and all the paperwork, making this the easiest solution for companies and independent workers to meet.

Alore: How did you envision Flexify? (How did you come about the idea?)

Thorvald Thorsnes: At BCG, our former employer, we worked for clients who spent a lot of money on expensive temporary workers. The quality was also bad, as the temp agencies had incentives to always utilize their entire workforce, not handpicking the best candidate for the job. We thought it would be a much better solution for companies to access a pre-qualified temporary workforce, and thus the idea for Flexify was born.

Alore: Why do you think customers will love to use Flexify?

Håkon Hortemo: Companies love us because it’s fast and easy for them to get stuff done, and the cost is the same as hiring the person. Our flexers loves us because we provide them with flexible freelance jobs that fits their lives and help them achieve better work-life balance.

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Alore: How different is it from its nearest competitors?  (Do you see websites like Freelancer/Upwork etc as competition?)

Håkon Hortemo: The difference from Upwork etc is that we quality-assure all the workers on the platform. We also take care of the matching, so the company doesn’t have to go through dozens of CV and applications. With just a few clicks, they can have a qualified candidate there to do the task they need done.

Alore: Flexify is currently operational in the Nordics. Do you plan to expand regionally/globally in the near future?

Thorvald Thorsnes: Our current focus is the Nordic countries and ensuring the right quality of the flexers and quantity of jobs available. We will definitely consider other countries with time.

Flexify is using advanced technology to get better results.


Alore: Is one of the co-founders from a tech background or did you have to build this competency anew?

Thorvald Thorsnes: Our tech lead Håkon is building our systems and matching algorithms, so we are lucky to have him on board. Still, we see that we will need more in-house tech competency in the near future to build all the functionality the customers want.

Alore: What has been the biggest challenge in your journey with Flexify so far?

Thorvald Thorsnes: Getting the first business customers is always difficult, and this was the case for us as well. Without our broad network from BCG, it would not have been easy to get the meetings we have had.

Alore: What has been your biggest learning since you started Flexify?

Thorvald Thorsnes: That things take time. We are a group of impatient people, who are always pursuing the next milestone. But with Flexify, and startups in general, we have learned that we have to “butter ourselves with patience” as we say in Norwegian 🙂


Alore: How has your background as ex-BCG consultants helped you as entrepreneurs?

Håkon Hortemo: It has helped us a lot when it comes to getting meetings with large clients. Our network from BCG is a tremendous asset in that way. In addition, our problem-solving skills are put to the test every day, something BCG has taught all of us.

About Thorvald Thorsnes:

Thorvald is the CEO of Flexify and takes care of the day-to-day management of the firm. He has interests in the fields of Marketing, Management and technology. Prior to co-founding Flexify, Thorvald was a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, Oslo

You can reach out to Thorvald here

About Håkon Hortemo:

Håkon leads the technology function at Flexify and its sister company Boligfiks. He is Lawyer from the University of Oslo and has done a program at UC Berkley alumnus. Prior to co-founding Flexify, Håkon was a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, Oslo.

You can reach out to Håkon here




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