Why email automation is right for every business !

How can we use this fantastic channel to establish personal communication with millions of potential consumers? How can we use this to generate more revenue by building brand awareness and sales connections?

Well, automated emails are a perfect answer to these questions.

In essence, e-mail automation is using a technology platform to send planned emails at scheduled frequency to target prospects. However the benefits and reach are expansive.

email Automation helps reach thousands of prospects instantly in a personalised manner

Let’s understand this in an example:

A local shoe store has a sale coming up. Jane may not be much of a local cable-TV person and might be skipping the ads on social media, so how can the store tell her about its awesome upcoming 3-day sale?!

Well it sends a flashy nice email into her inbox with a catchy subject line that captures her interest. She gets the email with an additional discount coupon addressed directly to her (and she feel good about it).

What the store achieved with one email is this – Brand recall (Jane remembers the store name now even if she doesn’t want to), she knows there’s an upcoming sale, she knows the dates, she has a coupon for an additional discount which tempts her to go have a look.

What the store learnt from sending that email is this – Whether Jane is interested in the sale, what time she opened the email (so that may be the best time of day to reach her via email in the future too), what device she opened from (have the attachments etc optimally designed), which location she opened from, did she click on the links in the email, did she forward it ahead to someone as well etc.

Wouldn’t you as a business want to know such insightful details as well, along with getting your communication out? More so as a startup this would help you to reach thousands of prospective customers in a single go!! Wonderful, isn’t it?

Digital Marketing guru Hiten Shah on email marketing

Automated email programs help save time by sending thousands of personalised messages based on customer insights and speed up production of recurring emails. Automated emails are all about building effective customer relationships & driving sales conversion.

And if this was not enough, here are some additional benefits of email automation:

1. Lead Nurturing

Automated email campaigns help you send a series of highly relevant emails to prospects. The better you communicate with your potential customers; higher the conversion rate.

2. Personalised communication:

Personalised addressal always wins hands down. What do you think will resonate better with a prospect –  getting an email addressing her as “Hey there” or “Hey Jane ” ?

Using a good email automation software and CRM tool, it’s possible to personalise your email campaigns. It is almost a no-brainer that a personalised or catchy subject line will help you to increase your open rates exponentially.

3. Controlled and targeted reach:

Unlike Social media, email campaign gives you a control on your reach frequency, time, demographic etc. You are assured that it will land in your customer’s inbox. Most importantly once you have set up an automated email campaign, you can contact your prospects at a scheduled frequency in a succession of emails.

4. Advanced analytics:

All customers check their email. Your message gets conveyed even if they are not opened. Every time your email  ”From” line and “subject” line is seen you increase your customer touch points.


5. Advanced segmentation:

Segmenting emails increases the click-through rate by 50%. You can set up multiple email campaigns to send more targeted messages. The segmentation can be done based on location, Age, Gender, Interest etc. For example: If you are opening a new beauty salon in a new locality. You can run a personalised email campaign for people belonging to that locality.

6. Streamlining your sales funnel:

Automated email campaigns help give more qualified leads to your sales team. You can track your click through rates and other actions that the customer has taken when visiting your landing page. The insights help you to know the low hanging fruits which need to be targeted immediately.

7. Budget friendly:

Compared to time and costs involved in other channels or even sending manually drafted emails, costs involved with automated emails are negligible.


Why don’t you try out how to send an email campaign – Try out the Alore tool by clicking here and enjoy a 2-week free trial (No credit card required). Once signed in, upload a few email ID’s of friends or colleagues or whoever you wish and have fun with the tool. We’re sure you can be set with your first email campaign in less than 10 minutes!

Happy emailing!


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