Drip Campaign — New approach to engage your online visitor

In other words, a drip campaign is a workflow to improve your marketing efficiency by creating a tailored experience for each of your contact. And guess what these emails are delivered based on specific timelines and user information.

According to Gleanster research50% of the qualified are not ready to make a purchase yet and according to another study 35–50% of sales go to the vendor that is the first to respond to the customer. But how is it related to drip campaigns? Well, it helps you nurture those leads until your qualified lead decides to make a purchase and reach them before your competitor does.

Source: pardot.com

You must be thinking that it’s just a triggered series of automated emails, what’s so great about it?

Well, it’s not just email automation. But based on profile data and engage your audience could be taken down to different paths with different emails. It simpler words, no need to manually type those emails and no more delays in responses. What I am trying to say is that you can keep in touch with groups of people based on events for example when somebody signs up for your product/service or users that visit your site less often than they used to.

Seems promising?

Let’s talk about the impact and benefits a drip campaign can have if included in your sales and marketing strategy.


Higher brand recall

You must have heard of “Out of sight, out my mind”, this hold true for a brand as well. Sending regular emails to your target audiences about things they’re interested in or find greater value in, can help them recall your brand. Because you’re adding value in their lives, you create a different a better image among them compared to your competitors. It’s your chance to stand out of the clutter.

Increased engagement

It’s a great way to maintain great engagement with your prospects. As discussed earlier, half of your qualified leads might not be ready to buy your product/service yet. What do you during such situations? You need to find a way to engage those prospects with your brand. Drip campaigns help you to connect with them at every stage of their journey.


If a drip campaign is done right it helps you establish your brand as a thought leader. Delivering the right information at the right time of the buying cycle helps build trust. Without much expense or effort, you’re able to reach and build a relationship with them where they can trust you.

Good timing

Marketing or Sales using drip campaign have a higher chance of sending relevant information to their audience at the right time. Messages of such professionals act as a reminder to the customer more than a spam mail.

Higher sales

Since drip campaigns are highly targeted, there are more chances of sales. You’re not sending emails to everybody, but audience or people who have shown some or the other kind of interest in your product or service. So, all your approach is highly targeted.

Drip campaigns help get 50% more sales at 33% lower cost compared to any other strategy.

In today’s world with customers having easier access to the internet, it becomes all more important to reach out to them at the right time with relevant information than your competitor. Email marketing proves out to be an effective tool which when used with drip increases its efficiency even more. With changing times you need to be less spammy and more informative and valuable while employing email marketing.

Offer value at the right time to gain trust, loyalty, brand recall and becoming a thought leader.

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