What is the right way to create sales funnels?

How to create sales funnels the right way ?

The regular sales funnel. Photo Credit: Entrepreneur

Magnetize Traffic:

Create clear target personas and focus on them to generate traffic for your website. Strategize and execute well on how you can gain the attention of various personas. Traffic can be organic or paid or cultivated . Generating traffic is the first step for lead generation. Remember, not all traffic qualifies as leads.

Awareness :

The major size of the Customer Acquisition Funnel reduces from here. Hence this step is important. Once the customer reaches your website you will have to educate them about your product through like email newsletter signups, eBook downloads, online quizzes and more; Sometime to get them into the sales funnel you might have to entice them.

Cultivating interest: Create great landing and product pages:

Your website’s landing page is the mirror of your business. It should give the first impression about your product and its quality in the first look.Its often great to have customer testimonials or list of customer names on the landing page to build an instant trust. Most times a minimalist design landing page with bold CTA’s will do the trick. Ideally your landing page should prompt the customers to sign up or subscribe to your website to establish the first line of communication.

Cultivating interest: Thank You pop-ups

Thank-you pop-ups are often overlooked but the fact is that it gives prospects an instant connection with the customer. Keep the next CTA in your thank you pop-up to guide your customers to the next step. You can also display popular blogs or products you offer in the thank you pop-up. This will prompt the customer to take the next action in his journey.

Influence decisions stealthily : The Product range

Present the potential customers with the opportunity to try your trial version or display a clearly marked pricing page of the products you offer.  This will give the customer a perspective of what they’ll be spending and with the offer, how much they’ll be saving. That should entice them to go further down the funnel.

Influence decisions stealthily : Give an up-sell offer on the back end

Offer your customers who just bought your product the opportunity to up-sell, or upgrade that service. If you have a free version and a premium version, then tell your customer the benefits. on why the premium version would benefit them.

Time for action: Discount options

It’s better to retain a customer for a lower revenue than lose the customer altogether. Give the customers an option where they can choose a cheaper variant of your product. This will help convince them that they don’t have to go outside for other less expensive options, thus retaining them in your funnel.

Acquiring new customers is much simpler when compared to retaining the existing customers. Just because you closed a deal doesn’t mean you can relax, it is vital that you follow up with all your existing customers and make sure that they are happy with your product or service. Offer coupons or membership-based rewards to encourage them to purchase again. This way you can build a connection with them and make sure they come back.

As I said in the beginning, it’s vital for a business to create sales funnels the right way. Make sure that you make use of these tips while planning the sales funnel for your business. Get your target personas right and make way for more conversion.

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