Email Marketing

How to double lead generation from your cold email program

Notes and tips on how to widen your Total Addressable Market (TAM) in sales and generate more leads via effective cold email campaigns.
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42 sites offering free stock images and 16 paid ones

You might really want to bookmark this exhaustive list of 42 Free stock image sites and 16 Paid stock image sites that will be the lifetime supply of all your creative needs !!
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Top 3 email marketing metrics you need to track like crazy

email marketing is an art. Getting someone to read your email is almost like being invited by the reader to hop into their car and talk to them. You're up close and its a brief time span to make your mark.
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18 email marketing automation tools you must know about as a marketer!

Every business guru worth his salt has a comment to make about how emails will become obsolete in the future. It may be true someday, but for now, emails are well and kicking. You’re still checking emails first thing in the morning and shooting some on the fly from your smartphones. The average click-through rate for a personalized automated email is nearly 4 times that of social media.
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20 email lists every business must have. Always !! – email segmentation hacks

Do you think sending an email for a 60% discount on Makeup to a middle-aged male CEO would be a great idea? (Unless you’re counting on the hope that he buys it as a present) I’m totally assuming you answered my questions with a resounding No. so, Bravo!
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3 email marketing Case Studies to show why data segmentation is priceless!

Out of all the digital marketing channels that you have at your disposal, email marketing is undeniably one of the cheapest and most effective. However the trick lies in sending the right email, to the right customer, at the right time - and that can only happen when you can define each customer segment separately.
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Why email automation is right for every business !

A whopping 3.7 billion. That is the approximate number of email users existing in the world today. Chances are that 95% of your customers use email and most of them check them daily. That is a silent yet humongous potential for any business.
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How to get your first 100 paying customers - Ep 1 - Sidney Minassian

How to get your first 100 paying customers is a 20 episode webinar series from Alore, which features leading founders and sales gurus on their journey and advice for first-time founders, solopreneurs, agency owners and freelancers.

The Best Podcasts founders are listening to in 2018

Looking for motivation and guidance from the wizards and geniuses of the game ?

The startups hiring process you wish you already had

A step by step blueprint of Startup hiring from where to find candidates to their first 100 days with you.

The founder's dilemmas - What we miss when making negative invisible choices

Understanding the power of invisible choices we startup founders make which shapes our trajectory of success and avoid decision fatigue.