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Eugene Goh is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur and investor. He is currently working to help companies improve their recruiting processes as co-founder of a Singapore-based consulting company, TalentKraft. Eugene is also involved in other ventures, such as a training company, a social enterprise, and Plash media. Prior to commencing his entrepreneurial journey, Eugene started his career in the Singapore civil service, and spent more than 8 years at The Boston Consulting Group. He is an alumnus of the University of Oxford. In his free time, Eugene enjoys reading, exploring business ideas, and torturing himself watching Liverpool FC.
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Why leaders and entrepreneurs must take a break

Does this sound familiar: You come out of a client meeting at 6PM and receive an urgent call from the product team. There is a critical bug that needs fixing and they’re struggling to tackle it. You cancel dinner with your partner and go straight back to the office and work shoulder-to-shoulder with the team all night. When you finally solve the problem, you see the sun coming up and your phone beeps to remind you that your big investor pitch is in 30 minutes. And it’s still only Tuesday!
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