If you were looking to see where creative expression in digital media is headed, then hop on, the future is Limitless. The creative division of Plash Media, a Singapore based Tech company, Limitless believes in spreading knowledge into the information age, because information may provide you with data, but knowledge is what can free your mind.

Covering everything from Culture, music, Movies, Health, Technology, Relationships to Entrepreneurship, Limitless is the space to explore and understand the countless things that happen on our limitless planet.

The Limitless Creative Team consists of an eclectic bunch of Writers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Film-makers, Producers, Technologists, Business Leaders and Strategists. Though diverse in backgrounds, the Limitless Team unites in our love for Pop Culture, Words, Art, Films and Brave IDeas. Most of all, we come together in our love for craft.


We use this craft to deliver a viewpoint that moves ahead from where your news channel left off; to give you a more vertical and distilled perspective on what’s happening. Our progressive team takes advantage of our collective experience to deliver these fine-cut viewpoints to the world through Social Media, Documentaries, Graphic Design, Webisodes, Long-form Writing and more.

We’d love to hear from you! If you feel like having a chat, or contributing, write to us at letsconnect@lmt-lss.com!

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  1. amyrachelwin@gmail.com'

    Hey there!

    Just want to start out by saying that I love your work!

    I just recently launched a inspiration blog and would actually love to feature your article, “Ten Brilliant Ways to Boost Your Confidence” on our site! It would be an honor to have you as a guest post for the day! Let me know if you’d be interested. 🙂

    Xo, Amy Winnie

    • mpages@on-click.es'


      Glad to know you love our article and would like to feature it! Do go ahead and feature it, with a link back to the original article. 🙂

      Team Limitless

  2. rchsarda05@gmail.com'

    I love the work limitless is doing.Personally,i write on various self development traits.So your content strikes a chord.I want to work for limitless.Please let me know if i can.

    • mpages@on-click.es'

      Hey Rucha! Thank you for the kind words! We would love to hear from you. Do drop us a mail at letsconnect@lmt-lss.com. 🙂

  3. sharath.kashyap@outlook.com'

    The #Savethefarmer campaign, is a wonderful initiative amidst of all the farmer suicides that has been happening and the video will do a great job in spreading awareness.
    Great work guys, keep it going !

    • mpages@on-click.es'

      Thank you Sharath! We hope we’re able to do our bit in spreading awareness.

    • mpages@on-click.es'

      Thank you Sharath! We hope we’re able to do our bit in spreading awareness about this grave situation. 🙂

  4. amandanunes987@gmail.com'


    My name is Amanda and I am graduating this semester. My Work Completion Bachelor of Tourism Course makes a reference to a Limitless Campaing Caled Broken India. I would like to know what the term Broken stands for? It is broken as in a social meaning or maybe political?

  5. sarah.w.johns@gmail.com'


    My name is Sarah, I am looking for an advertising or editorial options available on your site.
    It would be great if you could guide me in the right direction.
    Looking forward to work with you,

    Thanks in advance.

    Sarah Johns
    Marketing Analyst

  6. Anthony.d@max-exposure.com'
    Anthony Duncan


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    I’m currently looking for sites in ENGLISH.

    Would you be interested in posting an article that is relevant to your readers, with a link to one of my clients, for a fixed fee that we would pay you?

    Another option is to place a link on an existing article.
    If so, please send me price quotations?

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    Anthony Duncan

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