8 awesome tools to quadruple your sales numbers!

If you’re a startup founder or are aspiring to be one soon and wondering what sales tools to use when you begin, look no more! This article is for you.

As a tech startup founder, I spend a lot of time exploring various tools and reading about what helps businesses. I’d love to share some interesting tools and services – established and new, which I and some friends who are also startup founders found useful.

The initial years of starting a business are all about awesome planning and acing sales and that’s what sales and productivity tools help you achieve!!

Here is the list of 8 tools that you can look at from the planning stage up to outbound sales.

1.Business Model Kit by Board of Innovation:

If whiteboards and post it notes don’t excite you enough to work on your business plan, then this will. Board of Innovation has come up with this interesting brainstorming kit to visually and creatively brainstorm upon your business plan. Slightly expensive, it however guides founders towards clarity on what areas and functions to think about etc. It totally adds a fun element to the ideation process and smartly guides you into forming short term and long-term business plans and planning revenue streams.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t used it myself, but some friends have and they found it fun and useful.

To explore more on them click here


2. Maitre

This is a great word of mouth – referral system which gets implemented as a JavaScript widget into the startups webpage. With zero dependencies, it’s essentially a plug and play customisable solution which sets up in less than 10 minutes. It allows you to build a pre-launch waiting list and even bumps a referrer up in the waiting list if he/she refer and bring friends into the waiting list. Smart, isn’t it?

I personally liked it for the fact that it gives you a realistic idea on what the demand of your product is in the market.

To explore more on them Click here

3. Growth List

I couldn’t describe it better than they themselves did – “GrowthList is a hand-researched list of 10,000+ fast-growing tech companies with validated email addresses”. As a startup founder this sort of information is invaluable for prospecting, lead generation etc. This list is essentially hundreds of manhours saved!

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4. Salesflare

Salesflare is a user-friendly and intelligent CRM tool. It automates the updation of customer contact through their email signatures and social profiles. It also proactively manages your calendar, basically it does most of your data inputting for you saving, as they claim, 70% of your time. And with their plug-in feature Salesflare can be used right in your inbox at Gmail and Outlook.

To explore more on them Click here

 5. Alore

Alore is a data led, AI-powered integrated CRM and inbound marketing platform. Alore provides a comprehensive suite of productivity-centric sales and marketing features. It has advanced CRM capabilities, a built-in email finder, a personalized DRIP email campaigns creator, a newsletter curator, and the option to have your own AI-powered virtual assistant capture leads and schedule meetings.

If you’re looking for an integrated sales and marketing technology stack to invest in, this is the product for you. Not to mention its extremely competitive price that saves you hundreds of dollars per seat!

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 6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM and pipeline management software. This tool allows you to organize contacts & pipeline, plan actions and assess deal positions. With it’s open API, it can easily blend in and work well with other business systems like DropBox, Mailchimp, etc.  This is great for small teams who have robust marketing processes in place and want to focus on sales. I really like them for their cool visual analytics!

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7. ClearBit

This site provides wonderful technology products and data API’s to help businesses grow. They’ve already done the technical hard-work for you and help companies save tremendous effort and time. ClearBit API’s can be harnessed for numerous sales and marketing purposes. We love the ones where Clearbit API’ help scour the web for well researched data on sales prospects and identify anonymous web traffic.

To explore more on them Click here

 8. Charlie

This is actually an app. The Charlie app helps people prepare for a meeting by sending you a one-page brief on the people or companies you are about to meet in your upcoming meeting. It does so minutes before your scheduled meetings by having access to your calendar so you remember most of what you read.

In sales having ten things to talk about is a great way to make a lasting first impression, right?

To explore more on them Click here

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