5 ways on how to boost productivity when you’re in your 50’s ?


Professional Executive in the 50’s

1. Establishing your expertise:

By 50, your experience is your biggest asset. The most successful CEOs are of this age and the most number of Nobel prizes are won post the 50’s. From Ray Kroc’s McDonalds to Yoshisuke Aikawa’s Nissan to Gordon Bowker’s Starbucks, 50 plus marvels are far from uncommon.

Mentoring or coaching younger employees to ensure continuity of knowledge and secondary leadership planning cements your stature as a nurturing leader. It also creates a bridge with subordinates and colleagues which makes it possible for them to approach you with new ideas etc. that could be beneficial to your plans and role.

2. Lifelong learning:

The biggest discrimination that exists about professionals above 50 years of age in professions is largely the belief that older employees do not have the ability to learn new tricks of the trade.

By displaying a keen interest in current updates and being flexible, you are combination of the best expertise a company can have and as a result highly productive.

When it comes to learning, age is just a number. The simple recognition of learning as an ongoing process can be a foundation for productivity. Tasks done with an engaging interest to learn from the process, deliver far more success and fulfilment.

For e.g. when you were younger there was no internet, today social media is a rage. Imagine if you had reluctance to learn about technology, how would it be?

3. Focusing on what matters:

Though this is not really specific to a particular age group, there might have been many moments in life previously when you did things out of fear or compulsion or didn’t do things because of lack of time. Having a wholesome 50’s is incomplete without having engaging relationships with friends, family and those dear to you. Its essential to maximise most of your “me time” to indulge in things you love to boost productivity in your personal life as well.

4. Keeping the metabolism up

Not enough is said about this in a professional environment. Your hearts may be 20 but the physical form needs care. Being fit and feeling healthy becomes indispensable and vital as you age. It also becomes more interfering with your goals than you would expect. You need to keep your storehouse of mental and physical energy in stock to achieve the things you’ve set out to do.

Take a lot of metabolism improving nutrients including fibers and fruits. For women specifically, hormonal imbalances impair the metabolic system increasing stress levels and fatigue. Consistently attempt to mitigate stress from your life and give your body enough time to recover with 8 hours of sleep without disturbance. Inculcate a simple, but consistent health regimen.

5. Practising mindfulness

Mindfulness involves an awareness about our own thinking and a non-identification with these thought processes. There is an awareness about our thoughts and actions without being overwhelmed by them. Mindfulness is almost like a moving meditation that allows you to do any task with focus and awareness. It allows you to be in the present in all tasks that you do in a day.

Mindfulness is often more effective with a meditation practice as it reduces stress and facilitates better insight. Mindfulness practices have been proven to increase productivity by allowing better focus and decision-making abilities.

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