5 free content and keyword discovery tools you can’t afford to not use!

It’s every content marketer’s dream to publish content that’s relevant and interesting. Something readers would love to read and even share and in return get us some amazing website traffic too, but after a while and some months, the mind begins to wear off generating cooler, newer and catchy ideas.

Here’s a quick no fluff list of 5 awesome content and keyword discovery tools, that dont touch your budget yet provide great value in return.

1. Google Trends:

This is an oh-so-awesome tool that helps in data visualisation. Just type in keywords and figure out in seconds what people search for specific to which geography, what related queries and helps you know where you’re off the path !


To explore this tool, click here

 2. Buzzsumo:

Okay this site has way too many paid features but what we need is in the free section, hence the mention. Buzzsumo is a one stop shop to figure out keyword popularity, top content and subject lines, influencers etc. Importantly it tells you what your competitors are up to!  Ace marketer Neil Patel swears by this stool and mentions it often.


To explore this site, click here 

3. Smartnews:

This one is a mobile news aggregator app which provides a curated list of trending and popular topics and articles for you to know what people are interested in and you should write about.


To explore this,click here

4. Quora and Reddit

Well they’re actually two different entities and competitors even but every content marketer has to be on these two sites to get the maximum mileage for their content. Posting questions, answers and blogging. What’s amazing is that for every question you post or answer or check , the site shows up twenty plus questions of related topics to the question you posted on what people are searching for. So, you know what to plan!!

These sites are where everyone who is anyone is sharing knowledge and having a global question answer session. A content marketer cannot and must not miss these.


Okay a friend asked me to add Zhihu as well to this list because that’s China’s equivalent to Quora and Reddit.

To explore Quora click here and to explore Reddit click here

5. Inbound.org

A wonderful site by marketers for marketers. I personally think, it’s more useful in B2B marketing if that’s your target audience you want to influence else a great place to learn great curated content.


To explore this tool, click here

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