4 futuristic technologies you must know of to sound smarter than your peers!


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Well, for the first half hour you just dilly dally and wonder how the hell did you end up in this party. Perhaps even try to steer the conversation to a common topic, but in case you’re unsuccessful things can get kinda boring!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while you must have surely come across names like Jeff Bezos (The Amazon founder) or Elon Musk (Tesla’s founder) – These men are literally planning space travel and futuristic technologies at a whole new level. That’s kind of exciting even for technology enthusiasts and curious about the future people (I fall more in the latter category)

So yes, not digressing from what I was saying, I’ll share some nuggets that got me through a recent techie-geek party “intellectually-respectably”. Presenting a cheat sheet of 4 technologies which are shaping the future and you must know about them (at least a bit !!)

Here is a quick cheat sheet of futuristic technology which will come in handy should you ever interact with a total-tech-geek or enter the sets of Big Bang Theory!!

1. Artificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to think for itself, adapt and learn. A system that can intuitively solve a problem and plan according to real time data. The current level of AI is said to be Weak AI, mostly used to perform specific tasks such as data management, customer service, medical diagnostics, electronic trading. There have been further advancements, but they haven’t become commercial yet, we can expect them soon.

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2. Block Chain Technology:

When a secure transaction occurs between person A and person B, the transaction (known as a block) is broadcast to everyone on the network for their approval. Once approved this block is added to a stack known as a Blockchain. Essentially a blockchain is a public ledger integrated in to the whole network. Blockchain helps data and transactions be more secure. Each transaction is guided by a private key without which even hackers will be powerless. People would no longer be required to share multiple details on phone or on the internet like they need to now to get transactions done.

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3. Cloud:

Inadvertently everybody is a user of this technology, from a google search to sending an email is done via cloud computing. To explain it, understanding what the cloud is essential. The ‘cloud’ is an intangible network of the millions of systems that are online. We still address it as futuristic because its full potential hasn’t been tapped yet and we believe the scientists when they say that the best is yet to come.  Cloud  harnesses this network to process data and make it available as per the user’s need. It eradicates the need for onsite software and hardware (which very exhaustive) and does the same job more efficiently. It facilitates data storage, data procurement and various types of services.

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4. Internet of Things:

As the term by itself implies, internet of things, is basically inter-connectivity between appliance and appliance through the internet, that is anything with an on/off switch can be remotely accessed.

In simple terms, with IOT your refrigerator would become smart enough to detect that you’ve run out of milk & notify you with an SMS or your coffee maker would have already brewed an expresso for you by the time you get up. The possibilities of IoT are endless, and they can be scaled up from just a smart home scenario to a city-wide scope.

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Do feel free to share what more technologies you think I can add to this cheat sheet !!

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