3 email marketing Case Studies to show why data segmentation is priceless!

Most often, businesses don’t know how to do it. There are lot of simple tweaks and tactics that help you achieve your objective. You need to devise mechanisms to store customer and subscriber data. There are a number of solutions to achieve this – email automation tools, CRM tools, forms, excels etc. – Decide what works for you and move multiple steps ahead towards higher conversions and lucrative revenues.

Here, are 3 curated case studies that will show you how different brands have used segmented data for email campaigns to increase their conversion rates:


Situation: T-shirt retailer Johnny Cupcake had an email database comprising of 80,000 subscribers. However, they were not able to use it effectively to increase their revenue. Every customer received the same marketing message “every” single day.

Photo Credit: Johny Cupcake T-shirt

Action: To use email more effectively as a marketing tool, Johnny Cupcake decided to use an email automation software to mine additional insights about its customer’s social profile. It created list based on segmentation – based on gender, hobbies, preferences and media habits.

Photo Credit: Johny Cupcake T-shirt

Result: Johny Cupcake ran a tailored product campaign by designing a separate email for customers who had shown interest in baseball. The result was stellar!

·         42% increase in CTR

·         123% increase in conversion rate

·         141% increase in revenue per campaign.


Situation: Pet retailer Doggyloot is a dog centric flash sale website. They needed to have to strategize right to ensue they’re emails were being read and were relevant to the people receiving them.

Action: They needed a very detailed database from their subscribers. The team aimed to maintain a large pet database and not a people database to be able to send segmented and personalised emails base on the breed of dog owned by the parents (human subscribers). For e.g. someone with a Labrador would get different offers than one with a Great Dane!

To gain access to this information from the website visitors and subscribers, Doggy Loot offered incentives and coupons to its existing customers who shared information about their dogs.

Photo Credit: DoggyLoot

Result: The segmented campaigns were run based on do size. The results were exciting:

  • Open rate up by 10.2%
  • CTR was 410% higher
  • The daily total revenue increase by 13%

Customer endearment factor: It also sent personalised emails on the dog’s birthday. The results were lifetime customer loyalty to the brand


Situation: Wok and Walk, a health food company, was facing a challenge in low open email open rates and customers

Action: As part of communication strategy, Wok and walk sent a newsletter with a subject line asking recipients to make a call, enquire and order a meal.

Right Segmentation and strategy helps passive customers turn active; Photo Credit – Neilpatel.com

Result: The USP of the campaign was, they selected email subscribers who did not open their previous emails. This group of subscribers became overnight customers. This generated an open rate of 18.1%


As a personal way of communicating, email marketing ensures your message is put in people’s mind instantly. By using the right software, you can get meaningful insights on customer’s behaviour to track customers. It is estimated that more than 95% your emails will be read if it’s sent the right way.

To analyse data segmentation and create email campaigns, one need not worry about using expensive and resource intensive tools like salesforce from the beginning. There are a large number of tools with various features to assist you in advanced data segmentation and analytics. For e.g. the CRM tool — Alore CRM has advanced CRM capabilities, a built-in email finder, a personalised DRIP email campaigns creator, a newsletter curator, an AI powered chat-bot etc. aimed at quadrupling a salespersons productivity. All this for a fraction of the cost you imagined !!

Alore CRM

So go ahead and make best of great data in the way it suits your best and create some amazing campaigns that quadruple your revenues.

Should it interest you, you can also read another article on why email automation is right for every business !




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