18 email marketing automation tools you must know about as a marketer!

So, in a digitally marketed world where faster, better, smarter is the mantra, do you still want to be sending emails in batches and wondering when to send the follow ups?

I have my fingers crossed for your answer to be a no!!

Luckily there is help to be found. There are plenty of email marketing tools dedicated to help run smooth email campaigns. With advanced features, not only do they help you achieve your company’s goals but also help keep the sales teams happy !

Here is a rundown of some of the best email marketing automation tools that can be found today:

1. MailChimp:

Originally an email newsletter app, MailChimp has ventured out and released a new email marketing automation tool. It gives you the option of using either pre-made campaign formats, which cover everything from welcome emails to followups and more, or you can craft your own customized campaigns too. It has a very easy to use email designer and provides you with insights into the who all opened the mail and what else they did after that.

2. Active Campaign:

This tool simplifies the process of crafting drip campaigns. Not only that, it also uses a simple yet elegant yes/no flowchart to segregate contacts on the basis of the action they have taken.By doing so, it removes the chaotic mess that is created when you are running multiple campaigns.


3. Knowtify (Now acquired by Kissmetrics) :

It essentially does everything for you in setting up a drip campaign. You can use its pre-made email designs and even customise it as you see fit with the various options that Knowtify provides. Making the tool even cooler, is the fact that you can set rules to send the emails to users and personalize the message with your content to suit the user’s preferences. Finally, just schedule the emails individually and let Knowtify handle the rest.


4. Alore.io:

Alore is an integrated sales and marketing tool where you can plan your first DRIP campaign in minutes with its highly intuitive interface.It also has an option of scheduling trigger based emails after the DRIP campaign’s first email. With advanced visual analytics and report extraction and sharing, Alore helps you gain tremendous insights on how your campaign progressed.

It has a newsletter curation tool in which you can engage with your target audience in various e-magazine like formats and share interesting content.

It also comes loaded with an email finder plug-in which allows you to find validated emails of cold prospects and strangers and mail them. Alore also provides 200 free email finder credits on signing up.

Alore CRM

5. BombBomb:

In a time when attention spans are getting shorter, and you really need to be creative to get people’s attention – BombBomb provides a unique proposition. Instead of sending text emails or overused images format or even gifs, BombBomb lets you send videos as drip email campaigns. All you have to do it shoot a video about your product and then use the BombBomb designer to effortlessly turn it into content that looks good in your user’s inbox. It also gives you real-time insights on user action.


6. Gumroad:

Known for being a place to sell digital products, Gumroad has developed a feature that’ll help run an email campaign. It lets you gather user emails and schedule emails to your customers, and it will send them out accordingly.


7. Customer.io:

The trick to drip campaigns is timing. You don’t want to blast your users with a dozen emails at once. The best option is to space them out properly. Customer.io monitors your website in real time and sends out emails at the best time for better results.


8. Sendwithus:

A nifty tool to use to run drip campaigns. It lets you funnel users from the contact list on your site and send targeted emails seamlessly. Here is another awesome feature it has a translation feature, so you can touch base with international customers.


9. Quickmail:

This tool is very helpful. It has video guides to walk you through the process of a drip campaign and breaking it down step by step. Just sign in with your google id and voila you can import your contact list from google sheets. QuickMail is also smart enough to remove users who have replied to your campaign so that you can engage with them more personally.


10. Drip:

As the name suggests, it is a tool built solely for drip campaigns. It’s a fairly simple tool with features like pre-crafted templates, drag and drop elements and even email gathering technology. It’s a rather efficient yet easy to use tool.


11. Emma:

Emma is another nifty tool that helps put that much-needed touch of personalization to the newsletters you send out. Emma works hand in hand with other tools like Shopify and salesforce and such to gather information about the subscriber so it can craft a highly personalized message.


12. Hatchbuck:

The easiest way to set up an automated email campaign is to use Hatchbuck. It uses tags to sort your contacts so that you can craft personalized messages but still target a large group in one go. With it’s easy to use interface and hundreds of templates you can choose from. Email automation has never been this easy.


13. Intercom:

This is a pretty cool tool. So, if you want to inform your customer about a new development in your app, you can use intercom to send email conversation directly in the app. And it enables A/B testing, so you can optimize your messages thoroughly.


14. Hubspot:

This is one of the bigger and established players in the email marketing automation sphere. This tool is mostly used to boost the efficiency of the email marketing process by using automated workflows. Adjusting the schedule, the mail is sent according to the user behaviour.


15. Contactually:

This tool is primarily focused on collecting contact information, which it pulls from your email inbox, social networks. But it also has email automation capabilities and would be a perfect solution for those who are looking for a contact intensive solution.


16. LeadSquared:

What makes this tool stand apart is the efficient lead capturing technology it uses. Which seamlessly captures leads from a number of sources. And it’ got a customizable lead scoring feature which automates the email marketing and supplements it with sales activity to boost effectiveness.


17. Cake Mail:

With Cake Mail you can run A/B split testing to find out which one of your emails perform the best and optimize your messages accordingly. It also provides a feature called ‘Spam Assassin’ which ensures that your messages don’t end up in the Spam Folder.


18. Marketo:

A one of kind email marketing automation tool that increases the efficiency of the automated email campaign that you run. It lets you run email campaigns on the basis of over 40 behavioural cues, so most of the guesswork is eliminated.


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