10 Motivational Books You Must Read To Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills aren’t learnt in a day; it takes time and experience to understand and develop those skills and project them in your professional life. Everyone has their own leadership style, but these leaders have one thing in common — curiosity. They yearn to learn more and this helps them sharpen their leadership skills.

If you’re interested in bettering your leadership skills, broaden your knowledge with these motivational books.

1. The Leader Who Had No Title, Robin Sharma

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Robin Sharma, a leadership consultant for multiple fortune 500 companies, teaches his readers what he taught employees at major corporations. He explains in his book how to lead and influence people, and build emotional and mental strength.

2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Travis Bradberry

Image Source: Talent Smart

Travis Bradberry discusses emotional intelligence — how it helps you function and relate to others on an emotional level. The higher your EQ, the better you’re able to lead others by becoming more empathetic and socially aware.

3. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C. Maxwell

Image Source: Dave Ramsey

John C. Maxwell uses compelling stories of leadership to illustrate his 21 laws of leadership. The book also has an impressive endorsement by Stephen Covey.

4. Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek

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Simon Sinek talks about achieving success by treating people well. A great leader builds a team of people who want to succeed because they are valued and feel like they’re making a contribution.

5. Principle-Centered Leadership, Stephen R. Covey

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Stephen R. Covey teaches you how to make people connect with each other, even in the most difficult circumstances, using the stories of great leaders as a medium.

6. Bold, Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis

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Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis teach you how to use exponential technology, especially the internet, to make those dreams a reality. Exponential technologies have the ability to generate change and improve lives.

7. Drive, Daniel Pink

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Daniel Pink provides helpful guidelines on using intrinsic motivation, helping you produce and increase drive in yourself and others, in this book. He teaches you especially how to motivate others.

8. Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi

Image Source: Keith Ferrazzi

In this book, Keith Ferrazzi explains the importance of developing meaningful relationships and provides action steps to help develop these relationships.

9. Zero to One, Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

Image Source: The Russels

Peter Thiel and Blake Masters wrote this book for future leaders and entrepreneurs. This book is for those people who have potentially world-changing ideas and haven’t seen those ideas come to reality. It’s great for those who have a startup.

10. The One Thing, Gary Keller

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In this book, Gary Keller asks you to focus on one thing because finding success as a leader means you tend to do too many things. When you focus on one thing, you see that life is easier and better.

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