This could be why your competition is ahead in the game – Meaningful Business networking

Understanding meaningful networking and simplified tips on how to go about it from various vantage points !
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2 frameworks for startups to help you triple your sales

Cold calling is not just something your prospects hate but rather what most sales managers hate too ! Sharing two sales frameworks that could ease sales managers out of their misery of having to call through a phone list every day !!
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11 common mistakes a new sales manager makes in startups

Your startup is beginning to take off, you've just on-boarded a few sales executives to work for you. Yay !!

Scaling is the biggest thing on your mind. Double Yay !!

Now comes the moment of truth and a quasi-test of your leadership andddddddd of your patience.
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How to start a blog on Medium and ace it like a pro

Medium is a growing content discovery platform today with over 15.4 million users. The presence of a highly segmented and targeted audience at one place is a gold mine for businesses.
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Why every B2B sales executive must focus on Lead generation on Medium

It's 2018.

Today personal branding is the foundation of social selling. More so for B2B companies.

Imagine this. You get an email from Jane Doe asking you to how you are, how she is such a huge fan of your work etc. She says she would like to meet you and help you increase your company’s profits by 25%.
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The Buyer persona – Why and how sales managers must use it

Who are you selling to ?

Can you answer this question in less than 30 seconds with a list in order of priority 1. ABC, 2. XYZ, 3. QWE

To succeed in what you do, you NEED to know who your target audience is. You have to imagine a person and a face and pitch to that cohort every single day.
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Sales reports every sales manager should track like their life depended on it

Jamie is the sales manager and heads a team of six at Primafantastic Inc.. Jamie needs to constantly keep track of a million things, meet his targets and monitor the movement of sales in a fast-paced environment. How can Jamie track if his team is hustling right ?
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6 fantastic Sales Closing Techniques that every hustler must use and know of

As an ex-VC and 2X digital entrepreneur, effectively the past 5 years of my entrepreneurial journey have been about one key aspect - Hustle !!
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Top sales trends you must know about !

By  •  Sales Growth
It's not just the marketers who need to re-think strategy!
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What is the right way to create sales funnels?

By  •  Sales Growth
A sales funnel is the path that potential customers are guided along in the process of getting them to purchase your product. It’s called a funnel because of the many customers who approach you, only a few will actually go through until the very end till your billing section.  In every stage, a chunk of customers is lost, and the graph resembles the shape of a funnel. A business without a sales funnel is one without any direction.
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5 tips on effectively engaging with sales leads and prospects

One could probably write an epic like the Odyssey or the Iliad if we start writing about the importance of engaging a prospect and holding their attention. What wouldn't every marketer and sales professional do, to know the secret recipe of gaining a prospect's undivided attention and knowing what they're looking for!
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