Text to Speech conversion – What content marketers are missing out

Recently I stumbled upon a statistic on ImpactBnd - 77% of Internet users read blogs.
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How to differentiate yourself in a crowded SaaS market

To succeed in the uber-competitive SaaS business scene, you need to differentiate the moment your MVP is ready !!

Sharing our story on customer experience became our differentiator - an honest and detailed version of what we did from Day 0 to today !!
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LinkedIn for business – How and why it should be part of your marketing plan!

If you’re reading the article after reading the heading then I’m assuming you’re already familiar with how to use LinkedIn to a certain extent. Also hoping that you agree with me that it’s the current holy grail of networking (until the next big thing comes along).
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18 email marketing automation tools you must know about as a marketer!

Every business guru worth his salt has a comment to make about how emails will become obsolete in the future. It may be true someday, but for now, emails are well and kicking.

You’re still checking emails first thing in the morning and shooting some on the fly from your smartphones. The average click-through rate for a personalized automated email is nearly 4 times that of social media.
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15 Marketing KPIs you must track to be ahead of competition

You can't better what you can't measure !! - This golden insight from Peter Drucker holds so true in the fast-paced life of the modern marketer. Each criterion that you can quantify - you can evaluate its trajectory of growth or decline and dig deeper into the reasons of success and lack thereof. Wonderful isn't it ?
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Top 8 Marketing Gurus and Bloggers every marketer should know

As a marketer, you’re always under pressure to be ahead of the pack, know what’s happening and be prepared for tomorrow. It’s all okay if you have a huge team summarising all this for you, but if you don’t, then the best way to be on top of your game is by following people smarter than you who eat, breathe and live marketing at a whole different level.
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Inbound marketing vs. Outbound marketing – what you need to know !!

As a marketer I face a constant dilemma around attracting more traffic - What channels to use to create the widest marketing funnel and thereafter create more MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). As a startup marketer, it is stressful deciding what to focus on with limited time, team size and budget!!!
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4 futuristic technologies you must know of to sound smarter than your peers!

Have you ever imagined yourself in a party where you’re like kind of a non-geek/Non-techie and there are geeks of the level of Sheldon Cooper all around (To the uninitiated, check out the show “The Big Bang Theory”)
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Have a long weekend coming up ? 4 unmissable books you need to read !!

Bertrand Russel once famously quipped “There are two motives for reading a book: One, that you enjoy it, and the other, that you can boast about it”
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5 free content and keyword discovery tools you can’t afford to not use!

In the era of content driven marketing, its priceless to know before or in time of what the users are about to research !!
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The startups hiring process you wish you already had

A step by step blueprint of Startup hiring from where to find candidates to their first 100 days with you.

Web analytics and data analysis tools that B2B companies need to succeed

Customer support, website tracking and advanced analysis tools to set up analytics driven processes and decision making culture at your company.

A retired colonel’s advice on how startup founders can be super productive

Some notes on productivity for startup founders on how the Army leadership manages to give their 200% every single day and how you can you too !

This could be why your competition is ahead in the game – Meaningful Business networking

Understanding meaningful networking and simplified tips on how to go about it from various vantage points !